Public Works

Superintendent of Public Works-Tim Dye

The Town maintains the water and sewer lines to property lines of the citizens. Lines from the water meter into the building are the responsibility of the owner.

Street and sidewalk maintenance and garbage collection are provided in-town. April is usually designated as cleanup month, however, extra hauling can be arranged.

Within the town are Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) maintained streets. The town has entered into an agreement for cold weather months that will allow assistance in maintaining VDOT streets in town limits..

Permits and Licensing


Pennington requires a business license for anyone to operate a business or work as a contractor within the Town. A business license is $30 for the first year or first $20,000. gross sales or .15% of yearly gross proceeds. 


Download a current business license form.


A $30 vehicle fee is added to the personal property tax ticket in lieu of a vehicle decal. 


Zoning permits and county building permits are required for new or additional construction, signage or roof repair.

For Lee County building permits, contact 276-346-7715, or go here.

For town zoning permits, please call our Zoning Administrator at 276-546-1177.


​ATV Trail permits info here.

Yard sales are by permit only @$10 for 3 events. 

Farmer's Market produce may be sold at $10 per day or $30 for the season.

Trade day, first Saturday of each month at the farmer's market location, $5 to set up, $10 under covered pavilion to sell anything.

Fire Department

Brian Skidmore - Chief 

Call 911 in case of emergency. 


The 19 member Pennington Gap Volunteer Fire Department operates under the Town of Pennington's guidance and finances. The department often assists other departments in fire fighting as well as first reponse to vehicle incidents.


Open burning is not allowed in town per ordinance. Please call to have bagged leaves or tree branches hauled away. 


Water & Wastewater

Water Plant Superintendent-Gary Garrison

Pennington Gap provides treated water to the town and surrounding communities. Water distribution, sewage collection and processing, and garbage collection are provided within the Town limits.


Licensed Water Treatment Operators:

Gary Garrison, Rick Smith, Greg McKnight, Jim Carroll

Licensed Sewage Treatment Operator-Sam Miles

Licensed Water & Sewage Treatment Operators:

Steve Crabtree & Chris Sexton.

Customer utilities application form plus a $200 deposit and photo ID are required to start services.

Police Department
Supervised and dispatched by Lee County Sheriff's office. 276-346-7777

Call 911 in case of emergency.


Offices are located at 528 Industrial Drive and the police department provides around the clock coverage of the Town.


Email: Chief of Police




Tim Dye-Superintendent of Public Works

The following trash pick up schedule is being followed and for those that may not know what your area is, give us a call.

MONDAY-West Morgan Ave. from the red light intersection at KY St. to the hospital bridge and all town streets west of Duff Street and north of Morgan.

TUESDAY-Stanberry St. and Miles Hollow and town streets West to Duff, and Joslyn Ave.

WEDNESDAY-All streets south of Morgan Ave. from S. Ford area, back around Harrell and S. Johnson St, River Rd.

THURSDAY-All streets North of East Morgan from North Kentucky to Industrial Dr., and 421 N. 

FRIDAY-all businesses and dumpsters

FYI-Morgan Ave splits at old Main St. (Country Boy Cafe) to determine West or East.



CALL 276-546-1177

528 Industrial Drive

8 AM-5 PM Weekdays


This institution is an equal opportunity provider