Mayor & Council 

The governing body of the Town is the Mayor and five member council, elected by the citizens within town limits. Town council meets every 3rd Monday of each month, unless otherwise posted, at 528 Industrial Drive and is open to any citizen wishing to attend.

If a citizen wishes to be heard at the meeting, it is requested you notify our clerk before the scheduled meeting and be added to the agenda for a five minute slot, otherwise, statements are limited to two minutes and numbers of speakers may be limited.  


Contact the Clerk

Larry Holbrook


Gary McElyea

Jill Carson

Jeff Martin

Not pictured-

Terry Pope

Jimmy Warner


Keith Harless
Town Manager



Brian Skidmore
Asst. Town Manager/EMS Coordinator



Tina Rowe




FACTS-The population of Pennington Gap is approximately 1922. The approximate number of families is 931.The amount of land area in Pennington Gap is 3.925 sq. kilometers. 

The distance from Pennington Gap to Washington DC is 371 statute miles. The distance to the Virginia state capital is 319 statute miles. (Statute miles are “as the crow flies”)
Pennington Gap is positioned 36.75 degrees north of the equator and 83.02 degrees west of the prime meridian.

Elevation: 1,200-3,700 feet

Average Household Income $22,000 (married couple returns)

County Seat (Lee County) – Jonesville

Nearest Cities:

Kingsport, TN (45 miles), Johnson City, TN (60 miles), Bristol, VA/TN (65 miles), Knoxville, TN (100 miles)


CALL 276-546-1177

528 Industrial Drive

8 AM-5 PM Weekdays


This institution is an equal opportunity provider